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Question about selling

Yes, a home can depreciate in value over time due to factors such as market fluctuations, economic conditions, and the property’s condition.

The value of an older home versus a new home depends on individual preferences. Older homes may have unique character, while new homes may offer modern features. Sfs International Real Estate can help you assess the value based on your specific criteria.

A broker at Sfs International Real Estate is a licensed professional with extensive real estate knowledge. They can guide you through the selling process, offering expertise in marketing, negotiations, and legal aspects.

Yes, homeowners can typically pay their own property taxes and insurance directly. However, Sfs International Real Estate may provide guidance on the most efficient way to manage these payments, which may include setting up an escrow account.

The duration of the loan process can vary. Sfs International Real Estate works with reputable lenders to streamline the process, aiming for an efficient and timely closing. On average, the process takes around 30 to 45 days.

Question about renting

Similar to owned properties, rented homes can depreciate based on market conditions and property upkeep. However, tenants at Sfs International Real Estate are not directly impacted by changes in property value.

The value of an older rental property versus a new one depends on individual preferences. Sfs International Real Estate assists tenants in finding properties that align with their preferences, whether they seek charm in older homes or modern conveniences in new ones.

At Sfs International Real Estate, a broker is a real estate professional who aids tenants in finding rental properties. They provide expertise in property searches, negotiations, and lease agreements to ensure a smooth rental process.

Generally, tenants are not responsible for property taxes or homeowners insurance. Sfs International Real Estate ensures that tenants are aware of their responsibilities and assists with any questions related to the lease agreement.

The rental process timeline varies, but Sfs International Real Estate expedites the process by efficiently finding suitable rental properties, assisting with applications, and facilitating timely approvals.

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